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Greg is a truly great to work with, he brings a real enthusiasm to the recording session and his passion for his projects is inspiring. He also has a wide variety of killer gear to check out and is always interested in working with musicians to find the right sound for each song in the studio.

David Davidson

Gargoyl & Revocation

Greg Dawson is second to none. For nearly a decade I have had the privilege to work with the only producer I have ever met that can cultivate records heavy enough to make the earth tremble and dark enough to shame the devil himself. Wherever black, death and doom are concerned; BWC Studios is the ultimate sanctuary.



When we first entered BWC studios , the band had recently arranged a first time agreement with a small label to release our debut LP. We had chosen Greg for his work with a handful of bands we enjoyed, and while members had studio experience with prior bands, this was the first time Pyres would record together , and with a record deal already established , expectations were high.

Greg’s technical know-how, understanding of the tonality and expressions within the metal genres , as well as his endless enthusiasm for THE RIFF, made for a focused , productive, efficient and creative collaboration that resulted in our debut LP ‘Year of Sleep’ appearing on dozens of Year-End and top-ten lists, including favourable press from Decibel, Rockarolla and Terrorizer Magazines , as well as respected online publications Pop Matters and NPR. Greg’s also not afraid to push you beyond your comfort zone to get the best performance, resulting in lasting works that one can be proud of for years to come.

Andy Wilson


I’ve been working with Greg for over 20 years now, whether it be recording, mixing, mastering he’s one of very few people I can completely trust with the music I make.

Recording sessions are always so much fun, and the results speak for themselves. Always willing to try every idea, and never short on his own. Feeling comfortable in a studio setting is really important for me to get in the zone, and I always feel at ease while at BWC.


Moneen & Seas

When you want YOUR sound…’s BWC baby.


Sons of Otis

We chose Greg to mix and master Sigil because we were confident his past experience (Thantifaxath, Mare, to name a few) proved that he had a diverse ear but also the capacity to realize a band’s vision for their recordings. Greg’s work on our album ‘Nether’ speaks for itself.


I’ve worked with Greg on 5 albums and each time he was able to nail the tones and mix we were looking for. He also helped bring the songs to the next level by providing some great production tips and even added some sweet guitar solos that really enhanced the songs!

Kevin Farmer

Best recording experience I’ve had. Professional and able to feel comfortable. Very professional and easy to work with. Brought things out of me I didn’t know were there. Full of great ideas and patience.

Jason Lioumanis


I’ve spent many hours/nights/days in the studio with Greg. Some of my favourite studio memories of any studio are with him. Don’t know anyone else who would follow me on some of these weird sound, delay, tone missions like Greg has. At one point we were going to mic up Hippy and I taking a bath together. Luckily he’s a great producer and told us straight up that’s a bad idea. Hippy and I still took the bath though.



For what seemed like a decade, I’d always run into Greg “Gerg” Dawson at the local music store in our hometown of Brampton, Canada. He’d always encourage me, that if I ever had a recording project, to ring him up. For the first few years of him offering, I was terrified at the prospect, the music I heard coming out of his studio was so heavy, I felt intimidated. When I finally took the plunge, bringing accordions, harps, banjos, string quartets, harpsichords, guzhengs, bassoons, turntables, it didn’t take me long to realize “this guy’s up for the challenge”, any experimental musical idea I had, Gerg was always up for recording it, a total pro. We built a trust and understanding of each other’s work and process that I’m so grateful for. You always hear about terrible collaborations, heck I’ve lived a few, where the chemistry just doesn’t click, where driving forces are at play, and the magic never enters the room. With Gerg, that collaboration has only grown stronger with each project. I’m always excited to call him up for the next adventure.

Most of my recorded musical output has had Gerg’s touch of mastery, and I’m forever indebted to him. What an adventure we’ve had together, and a wonderful friendship, all circling around the music. I highly recommend taking this adventure with Gerg. No matter what the recording project, Gerg brings a genuine care and leadership that helps get the job done, and usually with some of my most memorable laughs along the way…What I admire the most is his continued desire to keep learning and growing alongside the fellow musicians that he shines an array of expensive microphones on.

Love you Gerg.

Friendly Rich

The Lollipop People

In an age where home studios are the norm, it would appear the subtle, and increasingly esoteric, art of professional music production is going the way of the dodo. But that doesn’t make it any less integral in generating a quality sounding record. Quite the contrary. The experienced ear of a seasoned engineer/producer is likely to be the very thing that makes your album, or single, stand out from the litany of bedroom recordings . I can attest that Greg Dawson, founder and operator of BWC Studios, has TWO very experienced ears! As an exceedingly capable composer and instrumentalist in his own right, I have witnessed, on multiple occasions, Greg transform relatively unfinished, unrefined, and unfocussed material into complete works of art, beloved by many. As a vocalist/instrumentalist, I have yet to work with anyone more concerned with capturing a timeless take that will exceed even your own notions of your personal capabilities. There have been multiple instances where Greg seemed more interested in making my records than I did! In this regard he is invaluable to have in your corner as you trudge through, the emotionally fraught, process of realizing your magnum opus. With a breadth of technical knowledge, and a genuine creative passion and curiosity, BWC studio is a true gem. Considering the transformative life experiences gained from our many years of collaboration, I definitely owe Greg much more than his day rate. Plus, he makes you food sometimes.

Tyler Semrick Palmateer


Greg Dawson is the first engineer/producer I ever worked on my own original material with, and that first collaboration happened in the way back when of the 90’s when I was all of 17 years old…it was at that session that Greg convinced me to take drumming a lot more seriously (I was primarily a guitarist then), which set me on the musical path I still walk to this day at 40 years old. We’ve been collaborating ever since then, and although I’ve strayed once or twice from Greg’s studio to work with other producers whose work I admire, I keep coming back to BWC because this is where the sounds are. This is where the friendship is. This is where I’m assured a perfect recording and experience, every fucking time. I intend to make our relationship a lifelong one at this point. He’s the best I’ll ever work with. I’m sure of it.

Ryan Aubin

Sons of Otis & Olde

I have asked Greg Dawson to work on every record I’ve played on for the last 12 years.

Whether he’s engineering and producing a full album at BWC studios, or mixing and mastering from outside sources, Greg always delivers a monstrous sounding final product. I feel confident recording with Greg, and I always trust his judgement for achieving the BEST guitar and bass tones.

The environment at BWC is warm and inviting, and I’ve always felt very comfortable working with Greg. He brings the best performances out of musicians, and is (in my humble opinion) the absolute best heavy-music producer/engineer in all of Ontario. Greg’s work speaks for itself, and I hope to work with Greg on many more projects in the future.

Mark Rand

Cross Dog

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