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Mixing and Mastering

Technological advancement over the years has allowed for some artists to be able to record well at home or outside the studio setting.

BWC Studios does not begrudge said artists, instead offering Mixing and Mastering services that can take sounds captured in a non-studio setting and enhance them, transforming them from their raw form, applying finesse and pressure until they shine like diamonds.

Recording and Re-Amping

While it is inarguably easier in this day and age to record in a non-studio setting, home-recording-artists rarely have the luxury of having walls of slick amps, quality microphones and hardware, the space to properly set up and capture sound efficiently and effectively or over 15,000 dedicated hours of studio time under their belts.

Over the past two decades, Greg Dawson and BWC Studios have aggressively pursued the modern market or local scene, recording hundreds of bands in-studio and playing an integral role on a seemingly-endless list of high quality projects.


Greg Dawson also offers lessons in guitar and song craft as well as in audio production and engineering.

Greg’s approach to teaching music focuses primarily on the desires of the student. Styles and content are tailored to the preferences and strengths of the pupil and are open-minded and positive. While able to balance traditional music theory (in a variety of musical genres or styles and over numerous eras) with feel and fun and energy, Greg is committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure his lessons provide the student with the tools to be able to play how THEY want to play.

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