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Mixing & Mastering

Mixing & Mastering

Technological advancement over the years has allowed for some artists to be able to record well at home or outside the studio setting.

BWC Studios does not begrudge said artists, instead offering Mixing and Mastering services that can take sounds captured in a non-studio setting and enhance them, transforming them from their raw form, applying finesse and pressure until they shine like diamonds.

While capturing sound is most definitely an art and one that takes years of practice to hone, mixing and mastering require a finely-tuned ear, patience and discipline and, often, decades of analysis and application to fully-realize the true sound envisioned by the artist.

Greg Dawson is confident that his technical skills, his ears (both professionally and as a rabid consumer of music) and his dedication to collaboration will ultimately provide all the necessary tools to forge any and all provided materials into the gold of the musician’s conception.

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