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Greg Dawson also offers lessons in guitar and song craft as well as in audio production and engineering.

Greg’s approach to teaching music focuses primarily on the desires of the student. Styles and content are tailored to the preferences and strengths of the pupil and are open-minded and positive. While able to balance traditional music theory (in a variety of musical genres or styles and over numerous eras) with feel and fun and energy, Greg is committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure his lessons provide the student with the tools to be able to play how THEY want to play.

Having spent more than 30 years working on hundreds of records in a variety of studio environments, Greg is able to design and provide individualized tutelage in audio production and engineering. His own ethos, which strategically utilizes time-tested techniques from myriad styles and sources, allows Greg to ensure that he not only provides the technical know-how but also can focus on experimentation and innovation. Whether it be a broad yet straight-forward nuts-and-bolts approach to learning studio equipment and fundamentals or more specified techniques and secrets, Greg is always excited to help share the skills that have made him one of Canada’s preferred and prolific producers. As always, Greg ensures that his teaching style and lesson content are student-focused with a heavy emphasis on fun, energy and positivity.


“Although I have been playing guitar for over 30 years, and have been in and out of bands for the last 20, I found myself slipping back into old habits when it came to playing (plus I have next-to-no theory). So I was somewhat apprehensive about finding instruction to pull me out of self-taught playing all these years. I needed a different kind of guitar teacher – one who could grasp where I was at, and truly recognize what was needed. Greg put me at ease immediately. Not only did he pin point those exact needs, he wowed me with his vast knowledge of playing, theory and just plain awesomeness! After the very first lesson, I walked away with way more than I could have bargained for. A super great dude, a friendly atmosphere, an impressive track record as a teacher, engineer/producer, and musician – Greg Dawson is THE man! My lessons are definitely a weekly highlight for me, and I couldn’t recommend him more.”
– John

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