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For inquiries regarding mixing, mastering, recording, lessons, rates, and availability contact Greg Dawson
phone: 647-580-7225


What are your rates for mixing and mastering?

$350-450 CAD per day or $50 per hour

Do you work with clients outside of Canada?


How far ahead are you booked?

Usually booked 2 month in advance but typically can fit in smaller jobs such as mastering in sooner

Do you only work on heavy music?

No, I welcome all styles and level however I have a lot of very heavy music clients

Do you offer lessons?

Yes, I offer guitar and music production lessons.

How much are lessons?

Lessons are $50 per hour.

What is covered in music production?

All aspects of recording – setting up microphones, using pre amps, EQ and compression. Getting great performances. Mixing, the use of EQ, compression, FX, levels, panning, how to make your mix great, and mastering.

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