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Greg Dawson and his BWC Studios have been consistently serving the musical community since 1997. Whilst specializing in heavy music, BWC Studios has been behind releases in all musical genres including rock, country, alternative/indie, jazz and avant garde.
Greg Dawson - BWC Studios

Greg relentlessly strives to unite his vast experience in the studio with an artist-friendly collaborative approach and an inimitable lust for fresh art and creative energy. His ability and willingness to work with the artist allows everyone involved to feel like an essential part of the process while still tapping into the resources that 23+ years of professionalism can afford.

The desired outcome of any and all BWC Studios work is artist satisfaction. Following thousands of sessions marrying research and practice, discipline and innovation, Greg is able to help identify and achieve the sound that best suits his various clients. Whether that sound be tried, true and steeped in tradition or ground-breaking and wholly original, BWC Studios exists to serve the song.

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